Blueberry Hill Format & Update

Split Start – TIMES:

  • 50 Open/Preteen B @ 8:45
  • Tadpoles @ 9:15
  • Youth A/B/Preteen A/Girls @ 9:45
  • Jr/50 B/C/D @ 11:30
  • AA/A/B @ 1:30

235 County Road 879 Collinsville, Alabama 35961
Follow arrows on Co Rd 879. GPS could take you to the wrong driveway

Event Link

Preregistration is open for members who do not need a transponder (or to check it) and a helmet sticker.. Remember you MUST sign the waiver at signup. If you have been using your transponder with no issues then you don’t have to have it checked. If you do need it checked please go through the regular line. You can come back up later when the line dies down before riders meeting. If you are changing classes for the final round it’s best to preregister or let sign up know not to change the yearly class. That will move your work points so we need to keep those in the same spot. PLEASE use the proper helmet sticker and in the correct spot. This is crucial to our scorers. Please slow down and look straight through scoring lane. Make a habit of looking at the flag when entering the scoring lane to see the white or checkered flag. After the race do not stop near the tent. The reader will score you again after 60 seconds.

If you can bring correct change (or check) and your own pen to sign the waiver. You can still get a number and transponder programmed through the regular lines if needed. Please don’t crowd or lean over the sign up table. Do not come into the scoring tent area for any reason. Please stay behind all ribbon and find one of the admins/workers but not a scorer.

If you are using a pitbike or a SxS you must be 16 or over and you cannot cross over the race course. If you get caught this is subject to disqualification and asking to leave the property.

Preregistration links:

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