Rider Profile – Evan Chisolm

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Evan resides in Heidelberg, MS and is our current points leader. We got together to talk about how the break has been going and just about the year so far. Enjoy!

SECCA: This has been a weird year for racing with long breaks between races. What have you been doing between our series races?

Evan: Well, the whole plan for the year changed a lot after most of the series shut down The plan was to race the entire NEPG series along with one local series. But after the NEPG shutting down and me switching bikes I just felt it more comfortable to race only SECCA for the remainder of the year to be able to get ready for 2021 going back to the NEPG series.

SECCA: What’s been your favorite race so far?

Evan: I don’t ever really pick a favorite race because I feel like the next year I will go back to the same race having high expectations for myself, so I just race every race 100% whether I like the trails or not.

SECCA: How long have you been riding/racing?

Evan: Riding since I was four and racing since I was 6.

SECCA: What bike are you on right now? You said you switched bikes this year.

Evan: I switched back to a YZ250F, mainly for comfort, I can control the power a lot better.

SECCA: What’s your game plan for the fall? We have 4 races left and you are leading the points.

Evan: The number one thing for me is to keep it off the ground and stay smooth. I have a comfortable points lead so there’s no reason for me to ride over my head.

SECCA: We’re looking forward to Miller Creek. Anything you’d like to add or sponsors to thank?

Evan: A huge thank you to all of you guys at SECCA that work every race to make sure we can go race. Also, a big thank you to Team Sakai as I recently resigned with them.

Photos by Patrick Smith & Laura Davis