Dirty Santa Info

Dirty Santa Extreme Harescramble

Cause: Proceeds go to Christmas presents for kids

When: Dec 7
Where: Cornerstone Ranch  4300 Powder Mill Road, Gardendale, Alabama 35117
Start Time: 10:00 am

Gate Fee:
0-5: $0
6-10: $10
11- up: $15

Entry Fee: Signup online by clicking here – Can pay at race or online – closes Dec 5th at 7 pm Pay online or at the event
Pro $75
A $75
B $50
C $50

Top 3 overall payout – $1500, $1000, $500 – must be in Pro or A to be eligible.

No trial bikes allowed in Pro or A class

Walking the course is allowed on Friday, Dec 6th. No moving rocks, logs, or other obstacles or you will be DQ’d. The course will be shorter so spectator friendly with several spots to watch.

Dirty Santa Rules
-Come expecting extreme
-Approx 6 mile loop
-Start 10:00 am
-Course closes at 12:30 for reentry
-Scoring closes at 3:00 pm so if you start a lap and do not get back by 3 it will not count.
-Online registration til Dec 5th
-Transponder scoring – $10 transponder if you don’t have a mototally one
-Course is ribboned off. No going outside the ribbon. Riders going outside ribbon will be DQ’d
-No outside assistance. Get a buddy to help along the way. If you do want outside assistance to get through you will not be eligible for money or trophy. We will have spotters through the course.
-There will be a halfway point up at the Cross. Good place for gas, coolant, water, salvation, etc…


Pre Entries 12/2

Rider Name City ST Class Brand
Matt Brasher Calera AL Pro YAM
Hunter Williams Dalton GA Pro KTM
Carter Bouwens Hoover AL Pro KTM
Chance Baker Vinton VA Pro SHC
Tim Nienow Huntsville AL Pro KTM
Phillip Arnold Alabaster AL Pro HON
Dustin Gibson Vanleer Tn Pro YAM
Keff James Pinson AL Pro BTA
Jordan Ashburn TN Pro
Jeff Cowan Huntsville AL Pro KTM
Gary Barr Grant AL A HUS
Daniel Anderson Liberty Tn A KTM
Mike Friday Huntsville AL A KTM
Bryce Noyd Mount juliet Tn A YAM
Jesse Phillips Wellington AL A KTM
Seth Waldrep Woodstock AL A KTM
Chad Evans Jasper GA B KTM
Davis Mefford Brownsboro AL B KTM
Jarrod Smallwood Hoover Al B HUS
Mike Hickman Auburn AL B BTA
Maxton Hickman Auburn AL B BTA
Pj Aguirre Birmingham Al B KTM
Jeff Koehler Emerson GA B KTM
Ian Bouwens Hoover AL B KTM
Brian Whitehead Eclectic AL B BTA
Jim Parsons Newmarket AL B
Phillip Phillips Cochran GA B KTM
christie peterson Birmingham AL B KTM
Eric Bottomlee Warrior AL B KAW
Joseph Cauthen Lapine AL B KTM
Francisco Olvera Maylene Al B KTM
Carl Spiller Ashville AL B KTM
Sam Anderson Auburn AL C HUS
Brian Anderson Auburn AL C YAM
Jeffrey Tutor Pontotoc MS C YAM
Ryan Mcmickin Birmingham AL C KTM
Arthur Kineard Lynn Haven FL C KTM
keith VARDEN pensacola FL C KTM
Johnny Crane Gardendale AL C KTM
Jeff Curtis Bremen AL C KTM
Dustin Dagg Murfreesboro TN C BTA
Jamie Disney Lebanon TN C HUS