Round 6 Format and Info

The format for Noah’s is 4 moto format . Olympic style scoring (2 moto per class). The course is 5.5 miles long and we are riding on the mx track as well.

Google Maps
Ole’ Noah’s MX
3339 County Road 26
Stanton, AL 36790

7:30 – 11:00 Sign up
8:45 50cc/Preteen B/Tadpoles
9:30 Youth/Preteen A/Girls
10:45 Striders
11:00 Riders Meeting
11:30 a.m. Junior/50+ B/C/D
12:30 p.m. AA/A/B
1:30 p.m. Junior/50+B/C/D
2:30 p.m. AA/A/B

Signup will start around 7:30 am. If a racer preregisters online they can go to the opposite end of the table where the line starts. Only secca members (who do not need a number or transponder) can register for a race online. All others register day of the event. Racers must have a number on the left side of the helmet and a transponder under the visor. These are provided at sign up the day of the event. Transponders are good for years unless damaged. Bring your helmet to sign up. You will place your transponder on your visor THEN get it programmed.

Scoring Area
The area ribboned off around the scoring tent is off limits to riders and spectators. This area is for work officials only.

Pit Riding
No pit riding at any events by minors. Adults using bikes,golf carts, etc to get from spot to spot must be 1st gear or 5 mph. Racers keep your bike at your trailer until time to go to the start line/riders meeting. All adult bikes must shut off on the starting line prior to the green flag. After the race please ride back to your trailer or away from the finish line. Do not park near the scoring tent or walk up to the tent (especially with your helmet on.) Parents, please help keep kids away from the course and moving vehicles when on bicycles. SxS and other vehicles DO NOT cross the course during a race.