9 hour updates

Some updates for this weekend:

The course is 9.2 miles long
Pits are first come first serve starting Friday.
The smallest pit is 15’x30′. Most are much deeper than 30 ft so you’ll be able to fit a trailer in your pit. Ironman will have smaller pits.
Pits must be set up and vehicles clear by 8:30 (sooner the better, last year it got crazy right before the race.)
No vehicles or pit bikes going down pit road during the race.
10 mph – 1st offense is 30 sec, 2nd is 1 minute.

You can alternate riders when you want but you must come down pit road. Arm bands will be given out on the starting line.

Teams can pick up their packets Friday from 6:00-7:30.
Sign up will open up at 7 am Saturday to pick up packets.
We will have a separate computer for those needing to program transponders or sign up.

Check your email if you have not paid online yet. We still have some pending.

If you know you have a team go ahead and sign up online so we can have your numbers and team already in the system.

Entries and live timing can be seen here (check out your team and email with any issues):